Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Saturday, March 28, 2009


These were probably my most difficult cupcakes to make but so fun nonetheless. I made these Wall-E cupcakes for a co-worker's grandson, who just turned 3! He LOVES Wall-E (who doesn't?!) and my co-worker asked me to make Wall-E themed cupcakes. I knew making a Wall-E out of fondant for each cupcake would be extremely tedious and I wasn't about to go that route.

I ended up writing out Brock's name with the number 3 in a similar font as Wall-E's name. Each cupcakes has a royal blue marbelized fondant covering along with homemade buttercream stars and swirls.

Here's Eva! I had to use a couple of short wooden skewers to prop her up.

And of course, Wall-E himself. He was hard to make just because he is so detailed, but I did the best I could. I think the hardest part was making a neck that was thin enough proportionally speaking, but strong enough to support his big 'ol honkin' eyes. I tried smoothing out the cracks in his neck but it ended up making his eyes fall over. The end result was this...

I feel I need to explain the yellow bunny grass. Unfortunately, there are absolutely zero places in Fresno where one can purchase cupcake boxes complete with inserts. The best I could find within a week's notice of Brock's birthday was a sheet cake box that is advertised as being able to hold 28 cupcakes (thank you SO much for that, Wilton...because I know of so many people that just whip up 2 dozen and 4 cupcakes at a time...give me a break).

My dear co-worker has been blessed with an extremely sporty convertible car that she frequently puts to use what it was made to do (go really really fast). I could just picture myself slaving all day over a couple dozen cupcakes just to have them fly through the back windshield of this car. There was a superfluous amount of space in this cake box so I tried shoving them into one corner and stuffing the remaining space with bunny was cheap and better yet, was on sale. The cupcake boxes and inserts I will be using in the future were ordered online and I currently have them in my possession. Can't wait to have the privilege of putting each cupcake in its own special holder...bring on the super fast convertibles, I say!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bird Bath

Today I attempted to make my own recipe for Nutella cupcakes and ended up with two horrible batches of baked goods. One resembled cupcakes in exploded lava form while the other batch didn't taste like anything at all. I was getting kind of frustrated but had to realize that I've never developed my own recipe before so it's going to take a few mistakes before I get a good end result.

To try and make a good thing out of something so crappy, I made a bird bath out of one of the 2nd batches of cupcakes. Enjoy! In the meantime, I'm still working on Wall-E cupcakes, which I'll give to my co-worker in 3 days!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Working on WALL-E

I was at work yesterday and mentioned to a co-worker that I was now taking cupcake orders, so she told me her grandson's 3rd birthday is on the 21st and asked if I could make him "Cha-kit" (chocolate) cupcakes with Wall-E. What? The 21st? As in, like, one week from now? Oh my goodness, that's coming up, sure! While working with fondant is still kind of a new concept to me, I couldn't say no to helping Brock celebrate his birthday with the lovable Wall-E and Eve. If someone offered to make cupcakes for my birthday, Wall-E would definitely be one of my top choices! Justin and I saw the movie two nights in a row when it was in theaters, we really enjoyed it.

Last night I decided to try working with gum paste just to see if it would be any better than fondant as far as making figures. I tried making different parts of Wall-E, but none of them really came out looking how I wanted. So today I went back to working with fondant and made Eve (she is a little bit easier of the two to make, I think!).

Yes, I realize her head is supposed to be floating above her body, but I'm too scared to cut it! To be honest, it took me probably a good 10 minutes just to roll the main piece of fondant. Making Wall-E is definitely going to be a bigger challenge. But luckily I've got a whole week (minus the three days of work between now and then!) :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Past Cupcakes

These are cupcakes that I have made since January of this year. What do you think? :)

Welcome :)

Welcome to Le Petite Sweet Cupcakes! I will soon be putting up postings from my personal blog that show batches of cupcakes that I have recently made. I am now taking orders for your next special occasion! Please email me at least one month in advance. Thanks! ~Dawn