Saturday, March 28, 2009


These were probably my most difficult cupcakes to make but so fun nonetheless. I made these Wall-E cupcakes for a co-worker's grandson, who just turned 3! He LOVES Wall-E (who doesn't?!) and my co-worker asked me to make Wall-E themed cupcakes. I knew making a Wall-E out of fondant for each cupcake would be extremely tedious and I wasn't about to go that route.

I ended up writing out Brock's name with the number 3 in a similar font as Wall-E's name. Each cupcakes has a royal blue marbelized fondant covering along with homemade buttercream stars and swirls.

Here's Eva! I had to use a couple of short wooden skewers to prop her up.

And of course, Wall-E himself. He was hard to make just because he is so detailed, but I did the best I could. I think the hardest part was making a neck that was thin enough proportionally speaking, but strong enough to support his big 'ol honkin' eyes. I tried smoothing out the cracks in his neck but it ended up making his eyes fall over. The end result was this...

I feel I need to explain the yellow bunny grass. Unfortunately, there are absolutely zero places in Fresno where one can purchase cupcake boxes complete with inserts. The best I could find within a week's notice of Brock's birthday was a sheet cake box that is advertised as being able to hold 28 cupcakes (thank you SO much for that, Wilton...because I know of so many people that just whip up 2 dozen and 4 cupcakes at a time...give me a break).

My dear co-worker has been blessed with an extremely sporty convertible car that she frequently puts to use what it was made to do (go really really fast). I could just picture myself slaving all day over a couple dozen cupcakes just to have them fly through the back windshield of this car. There was a superfluous amount of space in this cake box so I tried shoving them into one corner and stuffing the remaining space with bunny was cheap and better yet, was on sale. The cupcake boxes and inserts I will be using in the future were ordered online and I currently have them in my possession. Can't wait to have the privilege of putting each cupcake in its own special holder...bring on the super fast convertibles, I say!

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