Saturday, March 14, 2009

Working on WALL-E

I was at work yesterday and mentioned to a co-worker that I was now taking cupcake orders, so she told me her grandson's 3rd birthday is on the 21st and asked if I could make him "Cha-kit" (chocolate) cupcakes with Wall-E. What? The 21st? As in, like, one week from now? Oh my goodness, that's coming up, sure! While working with fondant is still kind of a new concept to me, I couldn't say no to helping Brock celebrate his birthday with the lovable Wall-E and Eve. If someone offered to make cupcakes for my birthday, Wall-E would definitely be one of my top choices! Justin and I saw the movie two nights in a row when it was in theaters, we really enjoyed it.

Last night I decided to try working with gum paste just to see if it would be any better than fondant as far as making figures. I tried making different parts of Wall-E, but none of them really came out looking how I wanted. So today I went back to working with fondant and made Eve (she is a little bit easier of the two to make, I think!).

Yes, I realize her head is supposed to be floating above her body, but I'm too scared to cut it! To be honest, it took me probably a good 10 minutes just to roll the main piece of fondant. Making Wall-E is definitely going to be a bigger challenge. But luckily I've got a whole week (minus the three days of work between now and then!) :)


  1. you're doing great! looks good, can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Me too -- hope you post your wall-e pic!

  3. This is absolutely genius! Good luck with the finished cupcakes.