Friday, April 10, 2009

Bachelorette Spa Day Cupcakes

I was so so SO excited to make these cupcakes today and had been looking forward to doing so for quite some time! A co-worker of mine is the Matron of Honor for another one of our co-workers, who is having her bachelorette party at a local day spa tomorrow. These luscious strawberry and lemon cupcakes are for the bride, her bridesmaids, as well as the spa employees (who will be pampering the heck out of them... me = jealous!).

The wedding colors are pink and green so I made sure to use those colors throughout the decorating process. Since the girls will be doing something super girlie by going to a spa, I wanted to make the cupcakes look as girlie as possible too! The pearls, bows, and flowers were the perfect way to go. None of my previous batches of cupcakes had been quite this feminine, so it felt great to release my inner girlie girl ("I feel pretty, oh so pretty...." Sing it! Come on, you know the words!).

While going for ultra-pretty cupcakes, I tried to tie in the spa day theme by making fondant girls wearing pink or green facials and by icing the word "Relax." How can you not relax when you're hanging at the spa all day?! Hope you ladies have a great time tomorrow, thanks for giving me the opportunity to pamper you a bit :)


  1. this is my favorite batch you've done so far. LOVE THEM!

  2. hee hee! i love the women at the spa wearing the green masks. clever touch!

  3. these are soo cute i love the colors 2!