Thursday, April 2, 2009

My own strawberry cupcakes recipe

I was really excited to make these last night for Justin! It's my 2nd attempt at my own strawberry cupcakes recipe even though Justin and our friend David absolutely LOVED the first batch (I thought they were terrible because they came out so soggy). I've never made up my own recipe for anything before (besides something like, Tuna Sandwich!) and I was all proud of myself for knowing how to make them better.

Just as a testimony of how good these little tasties are, Justin ate four of right after the about five minutes...that's FOUR whole cupcakes! Complete with strawberry buttercream frosting and everything! Now I know exactly what you're thinking: "oh well that's because he's married to you and it's his duty as a husband to not hurt your feelings so OF COURSE he's going to eat half the batch!" Well, let me tell you something, my friend. My husband is the most honest person I know and I always try to encourage that, even if it means he tells me he doesn't like something I cook or bake. I would much rather he tell me that he's "not a big fan" of a new recipe I tried instead of me continually making it and him fake smiling through nauseous chewing (okay I don't think my cooking has ever been THAT bad). I always appreciate his feedback, good or constructive.

So last night, I have to say that I had overwhelmingly good feedback from Justin on how good these strawberry cupcakes were. Let me know if I can ever make them for you!

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