Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Field Cupcakes

I made these baseball field cupcakes last week for my co-worker, Sue! Her son was having a little league baseball game and it was her turn for the week to bring treats and snacks for the boys to have after the game. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell me if they were good or not (she has to eat gluten-free foods), but she said all the boys loved them! I promised I would make her gluten-free cupcakes someday.

These were cookies and cream cupcakes with cookies and cream buttercream and fondant. C'est magnifique!!!

See all the fans in the stands! The numbers are like the ones on the outfield walls in baseball stadiums, which represent the number of feet it would take a player to hit a home run! The yellow is the foul post.

I put a baseball glove, ball, and chalk bag (with "chalk" of course :) it's powdered sugar) on the pitcher's mound. The home plate has a baseball bat on it.

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