Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Erik & Halie's Wedding

This past Saturday, our dearest friend Erik got married (finally!). Erik has been friends with Justin for a long time and at one point they were both co-workers and roommates. Justin and I are so glad they finally were able to get married since they had initially planned on getting married before us (we got married 9/6/08). As a cupcake affecionado (am I using that word right?), I just had to get some pics with these giNORmous cupcakes (no, I didn't make these). These are pics of my friends and me enjoying these tasty monsters. The cupcakes were rainbow chip with whipped cream and yellow granulated sugar sprinkles. Erik mentioned the significance of the rainbow chips in the cupcakes and the Skittles wedding favors as representing how big and true God's promises are to us, particularly from the story of the Great Flood.

Halie and Erik with adopted daughter, Casi

Kristy, David, Brandon squeezing by Justin's butt, Justin, and Derek

Justin and me getting a little taste
Derek and me
Kristy, her big ol eye ball, and me

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