Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bestie's Baby Shower

I had the honor and extreme privilege of throwing my best friend her first baby shower! My mind was seriously churning for several months, and there were many sleepless nights because I was just too excited. Creative juices flow at all hours of the day, unfortunately, but I think at night it's the worst! A lot of my inspiration came from Pepper Design Blog, where countless images of glorious dessert tables decorated to the nines warmed my heart just looking at 'em!

My favorite parts of designing/decorating this shower were first and foremost the cupcakes {of course!}. This was my first time ever making mini cupcakes and they are absolutely adorable. Kristy wanted "confetti" cupcakes so here's what she got!

There were also triple chocolate fudge cupcakes {on the three-tier plates} but I am so embarrassed to say that they came out burned. We've had our new oven/stove for almost a year and I am still getting used to baking times with it. The hard thing about chocolate is you can't really tell when it's burned until it's too late! Oh well, they were still gorgeous to look at. They were topped with vanilla buttercream swirls.

This was Kristy's invitation so the theme of the shower went off of the emerald/kiwi-ish green color with white polka dots and chocolate brown.

It might be a little hard for you to tell in the pics, but the fabric and ribbon both have white polka dots in them. Super cute! The bows were made from old dictionary pages that I folded up accordion-style.

Isn't she just gorgeous?! Baby Noah is going to be one good-lookin' kiddo! I made the green tissue pom poms behind Kristy's head. The smaller pom hanging down to the right of that was three dictionary pages folded accordion-style and all three were taped at the center, one stacked on top of the other. Then, all poms were hung with fishing line from the ceiling.

You can see the green poms better in this pic. I just adore those smaller dictionary page poms because they almost look like wings. Anthropologie should totally hire me to do their front window displays! There's also white tissue poms to the right up high. Originally I was going to hang those from the ceiling too but I wasn't sure where. I thought it was kind of cool to have them up on the ledge.

The fireplace mantel complete with gorgeous tulips and two prizes for guests that won the shower games {beautiful Anthropologie aprons!}. Oh and by the way, my amazing husband made this wooden box shelf mantel; from cutting the wood, to staining, to polyurethane-ing, he did it all! Plus, he put this gorgeous flagstone up as well. WAY better than the boring, yawn-worthy white tile that was there before.

This thumbprint guestbook was a little something I had Kristy's husband design for her shower guests. He did a great job! We had all her guests place a "leaf" thumbprint on the tree and sign their name next to their thumbprint. This will go to a couple more showers for friends and family to fill out the tree, then it will be hung in Noah's room!

I told David I also wanted to have a banner with Noah's name at the shower so he designed the ark with animals, letters, and dove on these cards {the dove is carrying a green baby bundle on the last card...hard to see in the pic!}

And of course I just have to throw in a picture of my cutie patootie son, Logan. He's on the left playing with his buddy Stephen. Stephen was sweet enough to give Logan kisses! Melted my heart completely.

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