Friday, October 28, 2011

Upcycled book card holder

I took an old book that I had and created this beauty for my friend's birthday! He could take it to his office and use it as a business card holder {those aren't his actual business cards, I just made those for effect} or he could use it at home as a bill/mail sorter. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the final project, after I had glued it onto a small piece of stained wood.

You should try this one! It's super easy and very low cost.

{1} Get a book. If it's hardcover, get rid of the cover. If it's paperback, you can leave the cover on.
{2} Open up the book to the first page and start folding each page in half lengthwise. Continue doing this for all the pages in the book.
{3} If you are going to glue the book to a piece of wood, trim down the front and back cover to fit your piece of wood. Glue the book to the wood with wood glue.
{4} Smile and admire your work :)

I got my instructions from Andrea Rodgers website here, where she has wonderful photos of each step. Let me know if you make this one!


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