Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$10 Mason Jar Coat Rack

What's not to love about mason jars? Better yet, mason jars being used for something other than canning! This was inspiring to me by OldNewAgain, a "shabby chic cottage decor" Etsy shop. I found this link and pic on CraftGawker...

Just lovely! I especially like the aged look they gave to the turquoise-painted wood.

To make our own {bigger} version of this, we used...
~jars {$3}
~wood {free}
~hooks {free}
~hose clamps {$3+}
~spray paint {$3...optional for wood, hooks, and hose clamps}

{Side note: My husband had to clarify to me that they're called "hose clamps" and not pipe clamps since hoses are flexible and pipes are not...hence the reason why the hose clamps are adjustable}

From these things and for less than $10, we came up with this!

Justin found a box of mason jars at Target {12 for $12, but I know you could probably find them cheaper at other places}.

The wood was leftover in our garage from who-knows-what Justin was working on. Our garage doesn't store cars, it stores wood. We are one 2 by 4 away from opening up the garage doors and calling ourselves a lumberyard!

The hooks were on the wall of our laundry room from the previous owners. These babies got spray painted with a coat of Ace brand cream colored paint. Recommendation alert!: cheaper paint does not always equal better paint! You'll see why in one of the pics.

Hose clamps can be found in the plumbing section of the hardware store for a buck something. You can tighten or loosen the clamp with a standard screwdriver. We spray painted these the same color as the hooks.

For directions with the hose clamps, I got help from Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic who tried drilling {then hammering} a hole in between the clamp threads so a screw could fit through to hold the jar up.

Justin suggested this instead...
Take a standard screwdriver and bend the thread up. Then take wire cutters to cut the thread out.

I tightened the hose clamp around the neck of my jar so I could see how much of the excess clamp to cut off with wire cutters. I recommend doing this before you spray paint it {if you plan on painting}.

Now I don't know if...
{1} I'm just super impatient or...
{2} the fact that our garage turns into an oven when it's over 100 degrees outside has anything to do with it or...
{3) Ace brand spray paint really is that cheap...

...but after spray painting the clamps in the garage, some of the paint came off the clamp when I tightened them.

I think I was just being impatient and not letting the paint dry long enough. "Long enough" is a very subjective term when you're letting spray paint dry in a fryer of a garage!

Then we drilled the hooks and hose clamps into our wood and then tightened the clamps around the neck of the jars.

And of course it's not complete without some manzanita branches and orchids!

I thank my lucky stars for an incredibly handy husband who knows his way around a drill, leveler, and anchor screws! Thank you honey for helping me with this one! Now please put your shirt away...

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