Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet Liberty

Hope you had a happy {and safe} Fourth of July! We had some happy times and not-so-happy times on this year's Independence Day. A not-so-happy time for me was having to be at work, but I made this gorgeous red velvet cake for our work potluck {I made the pinwheels too, so cute and cheerful!} and I got paid time and a half. Since I worked, I missed out on my fam and friends coming over to the house for lots of good food. But they were all nice enough to save me some for my dinner when I got home {if you consider a rack of ribs, tri tip, and New York steak to qualify as "dinner"...}. Luckily Logan went to sleep before 8 so Justin and I sat in the front yard watching all of our neighbors setting of fireworks {both legal and illegal}. Our neighbor managed to somehow send a firework hurtling across the street to hit Justin in the side of the head. He came over and sincerely apologized for the Whistling Moon Traveller but followed up his "I'm sorry" with "I guess that's why they're illegal, huh?" { on you...}

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