Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bow Cuff

Today we take a break from working on wall decor and move on to working on some wrist decor!

I saw these two bow cuff tutorials {at Clemence's Oh the lovely things and Melissa Esplina} and I absolutely had to make one for meself.

Melissa's tutorial was very detailed but felt a bit superfluous in instructions and not as simplistic in comparison to Clemence's {Bulldog clip? Waxed linen thread?}

For material, you can use leather which would look so fabulous. I chose to use some leftover material that Justin and I had from when we made our living room's storage ottoman. It's a dark espresso vinyl with the look of leather. Pretty cheap and really easy to work with since it's streeetchy!

To make this bow cuff...
{1) Cut an oval out of your material. Mine was approximately 7 and a half inches long by 8 or 9 centimeters {I have small wrists!}

{2) Accordion fold lengthwise and pinch in the middle, like so

{3) Tie thread around the middle where you're pinching and tie in a knot.

{4} Cut out a skinny strip of your material to cover the thread. I glued mine on with my trusty hot glue gun but you could also use leather glue or super glue.

{5} Sew snap buttons, one on each end of your cuff. Warning: make sure you sew the snap buttons with the correct sides facing each other so they'll actually snap together! I made the mistake of sewing the snaps with both pointy sides facing each other. No cuff will stay like that!

I just adore the dichotomy of this cuff. When I think of a leather cuff, I think a little more hardcore, rock and roll. But with bows I think of frilly, feminine, and flirty. In this bow cuff, you get both worlds collided into one fabulous accessory that's perfect for a fancy schmancy dinner date with your boo or running errands around town in jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend. You decide!

Would you make something like this? It is super simple and literally took me 20 minutes to make {if that}! If you do make yourself one, I would love to see it plus the outfit you wore it with {smiles!}

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  1. I'm so happy you liked the tutorial and made your own cuff, thanks for sharing!