Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craft Room {aka "The Oasis"}

Last week I was off work for 6 days {oh yeah!} and had the best time with my little man and the hubbs. We went to Monterey with some great friends and got some projects done around the house as well.

The highlight of my little vacay was turning our spare bedroom into my craft room {I call it "The Oasis"}. It's only taken a year of living here to finally get moving boxes, donations, & miscellaneous who-knows-what squared away from this room and finally giving it purpose {besides throwing random who-knows-what in it}!

My husband was so helpful and super handy in getting my white pegboard up on the wall and intalling an extra shelf in the closet for storing fabric, ribbons, paper, jars, etc. You can never have too many craft supplies is my new motto!

I got to be completely honest with you and say that cupcakes really aren't my heart's biggest delight {my husband is, wink!}. Yes, I get joy out of it and it's fun, but sometimes it just seems really tedious and taxing.

Creating is definitely a huge passion for me, one of those things I am 100% willing to lose sleep over and skip meals for. Since cupcakes are meant to be eaten, it's hard for me to spend much time and energy creating something that I'll only remember by pictures. When I make something that I can keep looking at or using, it has so much more meaning and "specialness" to me.

We've lived in our new house for over a year and I had yet to have a space just for me to paint, sand, sew, hot glue, cut, and decoupage to my heart's content. Part of me thought that a true artist would not use his or her lack of space as an excuse for not creating. But during our first year as homeowner's, it got annoying for me to lug my beast of a sewing machine plus fabrics to the kitchen table every time I wanted to sew something {usually it would take several times of taking it to and from the table to ever finish anything}.

This almost made me hate sewing and extremely envious of other sewers with gorgeous tidy spare-bedrooms-turned-craft-rooms.

I have yet to actually sew in my newly designated room of creating but only because I've been so busy making other things!

I hung up three clipboards on the pegboard and decorated them each in a pretty aqua paper or paint with a sunshine yellow and white patterned paper. Here is where I can put up photos for inspiration or directions for current projects. Pictured is the middle clipboard, and all three of them together say "What a Lovely Idea."

My sewing box had a pin cushion glued in the inside and it bugged me to have to keep the lid open to have access to my pins. I saw lots of tutorials on CraftGawker for pin cushions glued into the lids of mason jars. Well of course I had to make one too! Inside the jar is some spools and bobbins of thread.

A soup can with scrap paper that I hot glued on and then I drilled a hole in the side to hook it up to the pegboard. Right now it's holding a stud finder and anchors but that will probably change soon!

Welcome to my Oasis! Can't wait to share with you all that gets created here.

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